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Lagoon New Boat Models

Lagoon is the world leader in sailing catamaran cruisers. Lagoon has been building luxury catamarans since 1984 and has kept developing its offer to satisfy all your expectations with a range of boats over 38’

The symmetrical hulls of Lagoon catamarans cut cleanly through the water to ensure an identical flow rate on either side. Today, VPLP is the benchmark in hull design thanks to the experience gained from being the dominant force in multihull racing for more than 30 years. This experience constitutes a source of design innovation and guarantees quality and safety for the customer. Indeed, our architects are the best judges when it comes to achieving a happy compromise between performance and ease of handling.

Lagoon bridge decks are high above the water to guarantee comfort at sea with less slamming and less noise. Safety is also improved because less stress on the composite structure means greater strength. Another exclusive Lagoon innovation is the gull-wing bridge deck. First introduced in 2004 on the Lagoon 440, and further developed on all later models, the curved surface under the bridge deck reduces wave impact and noise to provide greater comfort.

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2017 CNB 94
2017 CNB 76
2017 CNB 66


2017 Lagoon 620
2017 Lagoon 560
2017 Lagoon 52 S
2017 Lagoon 52 F
2017 Lagoon 450 F
2017 Lagoon 450S
2017 Lagoon 42
2017 Lagoon 400
2017 Lagoon 39
2017 Lagoon 380


2017 Lagoon SEVENTY 7

Power Catamarans

2017 Lagoon 630 MY